Rubicon Information Systems exists because of the mutual respect and friendship of its founders, Randy Freid and Steve Rose. Both men had, quite by accident, worked at two different companies together. Rubicon was a natural next step.

Both Randy and Steve share a love of computer science. They lead both the programming department and, as its founders, the company as a whole.

Web based systems require an additional skill that neither Randy nor Steve possess - graphic arts. To fill that void, they turned to Steve's long time friend Jennifer Lorens. She accepted and now leads the graphic arts department at Rubicon. (note: that is not her self portrait on the left)

Jennifer has more than 20 years experience in the printing field. She is an expert at all the major computer based graphics programs. In addition to her work at Rubicon, she conducts training seminars, teaching techniques and new features of the Adobe products.

Randy and Steve share expertise in most of the technologies listed on the What We Do and Technologies and Services pages of this site. Randy specializes in both the web and client/server presentation layer while Steve's affinity is for database design and requirements gathering. Their friends will tell you that they are interchangeable.

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